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Changins - OSMV - Who are we ?

The Swiss Wine Market Institute (OSMV) is a national competence centre for wine economics based in Changins.

Understanding the evolution of the wine market in Switzerland (supply - demand), analysing the positioning of Swiss wines in comparison with foreign wines and measuring the economic impact of political decisions are the OSMV's main areas.

As part of its core mandate, co-financed by the “Interprofession de la vigne et des vins suisses” and the Federal Office for Agriculture, the OSMV publishes an annual report on the Swiss wine market as well as specific studies on topics such as the effectiveness of promotions or price segmentation.

In addition, the OSMV provides, in negotiation with each of the six wine regions, reports and studies on regional wines.

Finally, the OSMV is at disposition of the actors in the wine industry for the realization of additional services.

Changins - OSMV