Lake Geneva wineries to visit

The best part about visiting the Lake Geneva wine region is that distances are short – from Nyon to Aigle it’s barely 100 kilometres, or one hour speeding along the motorway or using the excellent train service…


How to get there and how to get around

By car, train or plane to Geneva.

The vineyards start just outside the city and end at Bex, about 1.5 hours along the lake.


Geneva - Gourmet Rally 2017

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Gourmet Rally through Geneva's wine region!

The idea: participants walk about 8 km along a relatively easy trail to meet wine producers and sample their wines paired with food prepared by local artisans. A perfect way to discover the beautiful Geneva countryside!


Five Things You Need to Know about Swiss Wine

Rare wines from revitalized, historic grapes are putting Switzerland on the wine lover’s map

Swiss wines are nearly impossible to find outside of the country, as they make up less than 1% of global production. Only 1.5% is exported, because the natives — who rank in the top ten in per capita consumption — drink the rest, and still have to import more than double that amount from other countries.


Welcome to Ticino!

Due to its location south of the Alps, Ticino represents a world in its own right. A microcosm, with its own language and personality, strongly characterized by alpine and Mediterranean influences, a nostalgic place for many visitors from the north. It is here that idyllic postcard landscapes and so-called "sunny lounges" blend with what is a peripheral and economically disadvantaged region. A region from which, just a century ago, many were still forced to emigrate and where grapes and wine were always part of the daily grace.