Expect the unexpected with Swiss wine – especially the Syrah

As niche wine categories go, they don’t come more eclectic than Swiss Syrah. But, in a blind tasting – pitted against some of the finest Côte-Rôtie - the Syrah fooled every wine expert in the room.

Justin Keay reports from the annual Swiss wine tasting in London where he discovered many exceptional wines from some of the many 240 indigenous grape varieties that grow in this beautiful country. Before you start tasting the wine, though, leave your preconceptions at the door…


Switzerland could be one of the world's best wine producing country

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate is one of the most important and influential publications in the international wine world. Besides Robert Parker, they are the best wine journalists, who, under his guidance, regularly taste wines from the most important wine regions of the world. Among them, Stephan Reinhardt is the responsible critic notably of Switzerland.


The 4th edition of “The Face of Swiss Wine”

Every year since 2015 VINEA publishes a brochure showcasing around 50 wine  producers chosen from amongst the 500 Swiss growers featured on the VINEA Swiss Wine app.  The 4th edition of the brochure presents 48 new faces from the Swiss wine scene; like the VINEA Swiss Wine app, it is a free promotional tool made available to Swiss wine enthusiasts thanks to the support of OPAG and Swiss Wine Promotion.

Exceptional: Marie-Thérèse Chappaz wins twice 99 Parker points

The renowned winemaker of Fully is close to perfection according to the world famous wine critic. Numerous other Valais wines are found with notes that rhyme with excellence.

Marie-Thérèse Chappaz reaches new heights. The famous Parker guide, the reference in wine matters, gives notes between 96 and 100 to exceptional wines. The wines of the winemaker of Fully won twice 99 points, once 98, three times 97 and once a 96-97. An very exceptional result.


2017 Grape harvest - Frost and heat reduce Swiss wine harvest

Extreme weather over the past year has led to the smallest wine harvest in nearly four decades, although these same conditions favoured a good-quality product.

The 79 million litres of red and white wine of the 2017 vintage – a decrease of 27% compared with 2016 – is the result of cold nights last April and of hot and dry days in August, according to the Federal Agriculture Officeexternal link.


2017 was a year of discovery and learning

A column by Chuck Byers mentions Swiss Wines as they are not very common in Canada. "It is a shame", he writes. "The wines I tasted in Switzerland had the distinction of being world-class. The white Chasselas (a.k.a. Fendant) and Pinot Noir are considered the dominant Swiss grapes, while Merlot rules the roost in the Swiss region of Ticino. There are literally well over a hundred of Indigenous varieties in this landlocked country".