10 Best travel destinations: Lavaux, Switzerland

Heroic viticulture: It’s a phrase often employed to describe the farming of difficult landscapes, and Lavaux, Switzerland is a region that exemplifies the concept perfectly. The first time your eyes set upon its steep terraces, you’re struck by the impracticality of it all. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this sun-blessed side of Lake Geneva evokes a fairytale setting of flower filled balconies, shimmering blue waters and frosty mountain peaks to be relished with a glass of local Chasselas.


Could biodynamic be the future of Swiss wine?

Nicolas Joly is a superstar in the increasingly accepted world of biodynamic winemaking, although he would probably cringe at that label. But a presentation Monday night in Valais, at the Tsampéhro cellar in Flanthey, made it was easy to see why he’s not just another farmer touting natural wines. The Frenchman knows how to capture a crowd, even one including some very good Swiss winemakers who arrived as skeptics.


Swiss wine popular in Beijing

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, and huge changes have been made in Beijing, capital of China, over the past 40 years. We have invited 40 foreign experts to participate in a series of interviews named “New Era, New Insight” jointly hosted by official website of Guangming Daily) and the Information Office of Beijing Municipality and share their “Beijing Stories”.

The following is part of the script of the interview with Claudia Masueger, CEO and founder of CHEERS Wines.


Mixing tradition and passion to make modern Swiss wine

Organic wine is gaining popularity and in Switzerland, some viticulturists like Jean-Denis Perrochet are also coupling this with traditional processes that have been in families for generations.

Jean-Denis Perrochet has made a name for himself making Swiss biodynamic wine and for his passionate engagement in promoting organic wine growing. In 2012, he and his wife and son started making biodynamic wine because of what he believes are its health and ecological benefits.


Postcard from Zurich: a window into the world of Swiss wines

Most Swiss wine never leaves the country, but an annual event in a former Zurich factory is the ideal place to try it.

One hundred years ago, if you had passed by the Escher Wyss factory in what was then Zurich’s gritty, industrial heartland, you might have glimpsed a ship being rolled out through the arched gates of the grand brick edifice known as the Schiffbau.


21 countries take part in the 21st Mondial des Pinots competition

21 countries! A symbolic number that gives strong confirmation of the international aspect of the Mondial des Pinots, which this year celebrates its 21st birthday in Sierre. The awards ceremony takes place today in the Jubilee Space in the centre of the VINEA wine fair that opens its doors tomorrow. This year, an extraordinary 8 Great Gold medals were attributed, of which 4 went to Swiss cellars – a record number.