Alpine terroir and unique grapes

The vineyards of Valais account for a third of the total wine-production in Switzerland. They extend over a hundred kilometers along the river Rhône. Their well-exposed slopes stretch from the east village of Salquenen to the western city of Martigny. The vineyards sometimes deeply penetrate the lateral valleys; such is the case of Visperterminen at an altitude of 1100 meters and ranks among the highest in Europe.

The favourable, sunny and dry climate, as well as the diversity of soils, account for the amazing richness of unique wines that the Valais produces from a wide range of grape varieties. As well as the astonishing and robust reds, originating from indigenous grape varieties, one can also find the noble and delicate Pinot Noir wines, the principal variety in the famous Dôle blend. The range of white wines goes from the light and delicate Fendant to specialities, such as the full and complex late-harvest wines. The canton of Valais really is a paradise for the wine-lovers, who wish to make new discoveries and to have the most diverse experiences.

Protected by the barrier of the Alps, the canton of Valais has by far the driest climate of all of the Swiss wine-producing regions. The Foehn, a warm wind that accelerates the grapes' maturation, is also an important climatic factor.

The great diversity of soils in Valais is due to the combination of geological upheavals, receding glaciers and alluvial deposits of the Rhône and the Alps torrents.


Key information

4'804 ha
(33% CH)
Source: OFS 2018
Area white:
1'892 ha
(39% VS)
Area red:
2'911 ha
(61% VS)
1/- 600
72 +