The discrete charm of Gamay

Geneva is Switzerland's third wine-producing canton and it has the country's stronger wine-making density. The hills around the western end of the Lake of Geneva favour a very diverse production and allow the use of the most modern wine-producing techniques.

Although the Chasselas still dominates the white vines, Geneva's winegrowers have won great successes at international wine competitions with classic grape varieties, such as the Chardonnay.

Among the red vines, the Gamay dominates with excellent, well-structured wines. However, the Pinot Noir and other red varieties are taking more and more importance.

The very near Jura and the pre-Alps, which divert the clouds coming from the west, influence Geneva’s climate. Particular microclimates also provide favourable conditions for wine-cultivation: the slopes near the Lake of Geneva are less sensitive to spring frosts, and the well-exposed hillcrests get rapidly warmer in the morning.

Geneva's vineyards possess a great variety of soil compositions, from moraine to alluvial deposits left by its two rivers, the Rhône and the Arve. The Chasselas grapes transform these soils into a variety of unique and delicate bouquets.

Key information

1'410 ha
(10% CH)
Source: OFS 2018
Area white:
616 ha
(44% GE)
Area red:
794 ha
(56% GE)
+/- 100
72 +