Grain Noble - Confidenciel

Confidenciel - Who are we?


The Charte Grain Noble ConfidenCiel was created in 1996. It accounts for much of the success today of the sweet wines of Valais. Some 30 producers have banded together to
encourage this tradition of great wines made from vine-dried grapes. These producers sign a charter agreeing to respect rules whose key points are to:

  • Use traditional Valais grape varieties planted in the best areas and from vines that are at least 15 years old: Petite Arvine, Ermitage, Johannisberg, Amigne, Paien and Malvoisie.
  • Leave the grapes to develop a high level of natural sugar in the must (minimum 130 degrees Oechslé, without adding sugar)
  • Let the wines mature a minimum of 12 months in wood, either casks or barrels 
  • The Grain Noble ConfidenCiel is given only after an internal tasting session by the group, which retains wines judged sufficiently worthy.