Welcome to our Open Wineries 2018


From May 1st thru May 26th, every weekend one or more wine regions open its wineries for you 

The tradition of open wineries days goes back to more than thirty years in some regions. This is a special time to visit a region and meet those who make your wine.

On foot, by bike or by public transport, you can easily reach the producer of your choice thanks to our site coupled with geo-location. Enjoy a moment which is both festive and interesting, appreciated by all, consumers or winemakers.

On this site you will find information and useful links about each region.


A festive atmosphere in each village

As you walk from winery to winery, you will be pleasantly surprised by the family and friendly atmosphere that reigns during those days which you may attend alone or with friends.


Quality discoveries

The winemakers enjoy meeting the public and share with you their impressions about the vintage.