The World Congress of Vine and Wine in Switzerland starts in 3 months!

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The selection committee met end of March to examine 373 abstract submissions for the Congress. The significant number of international experts proposing contributions underlines that this Summer’s Congress in Geneva is central to current vine and wine challenges.

The wine world is confronted with numerous issues such as climate change or consumers’ changing perceptions and expectations. The annual Congress of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) is a rare opportunity to analyze, understand and debate around those topics with 600 participating international experts at the forefront of their research field in viticulture, oenology or in the wine economy.
The sheer number of suggested abstracts emphasizes the strong interest for this unique gathering. The 373 oral presentations and posters proposals places the Swiss edition of the Congress at the 4th position in terms of number of submissions for the past ten years of OIV meetings.
Strong subjects emerge from the four general themes of the OIV Technical Commissions: 153 topics in Viticulture (with a particular focus on production techniques, vine protection as well as safeguard and adaptation of planting material); 138 topics in Oenology (with numerous communications on oenological practices: quality, security and authenticity of products and by-products); 61 topics in Wine Economics and Law (notably on consumers’ protection and marketing) and finally 21 topics related to Safety and Health (tackling areas such as nutritional and social values of products).
On April 6th, the OIV governing bodies in Paris selected the final oral presentations and posters. The experts chose 95 oral presentations, 102 short communications and 151 posters by contributors from 42 countries including France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Switzerland but also Japan and Nepal.
As an added novelty to the Congress, the common opening session on Monday 15 July 2019 will be free and open to the wide public (mandatory registration here). International specialists will discuss the theme of inputs in the context of sustainable production. This matter will be addressed from the production point of view but also from a consumers’ perception perspective. This opening session will provide a scientific outlook on the past 30 years’ evolution and untangle consumers’ apprehensions in order to better respond to their expectations.
Early bird registrations for the full Congress will close on April 23rd, 2019.