Welcome to Ticino!

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Andrea Conconi, Director of Ticinowine
Due to its location south of the Alps, Ticino represents a world in its own right. A microcosm, with its own language and personality, strongly characterized by alpine and Mediterranean influences, a nostalgic place for many visitors from the north. It is here that idyllic postcard landscapes and so-called "sunny lounges" blend with what is a peripheral and economically disadvantaged region. A region from which, just a century ago, many were still forced to emigrate and where grapes and wine were always part of the daily grace. Today Ticino is a fascinating and autonomous wine region that is worth visiting.

With this pamphlet we would like to invite you to travel through Ticino. Discover what we have in store: stunning scenic views ranging from rocky alpine valleys crossed by sparkling mountain streams to elegant walks along the lakes. Cities like Bellinzona, the capital, with its famous castle, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage to picturesque small villages. Let’s not forget the culinary experiences of a traditional grotto, where polenta is cooked on the fire, or an elegant gastronomic restaurant.

Most important: there are more than 3,000 winegrowers, men and women who passionately cultivate their small, tiny vineyards, mostly in free time. They are the holders of this exceptional cultural landscape, taking care of the rivers, the terraced plots and torn to the steep slopes of the mountains.

Ticino grapes are produced by historical wine producers, but also from new comers who have decided to change their activities and from small autonomous winegrowers, which creates a wine variety as varied as the Canton itself.

The undisputed ruler of the Ticino vineyards is the Merlot, who has found its place of choice and enchants the wine lover with its versatility. Following its historical traces, we can tell how it managed to make it to Ticino and what it took to establish it in the mind and hearts of producers and consumers. Whether it's Merlot, a modern blend, a juicy white wine or an ancient native variety: it's impressive how much progress Ticino wines have gone through over the last 25 years. You can talk safely talk about a qualitative revolution.

So join us on this trip through the vines, wines, winegrowers and cellars of Ticino! It might be your first trip to Ticino, but it won’t be the last!