Virtual 2020 Awards Ceremony from the OIV

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On Thursday evening, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine presented the outstanding award winners of the 2020 Edition of the OIV Awards. The laureates: authors, website creators and publishing houses presented their work rewarded by the Jury which granted a total of 19 Prizes and 10 Special Mentions to 26 books and 3 websites.

Websites make a significant entry in the OIV Awards due to the quality of the publications awarded.

Four Publishing Houses received the Jury’s Acknowledgement for OIV 2020 Awards for their thorough editorial work dedicated to Vine and Wine.

Many people from all over the world followed this well-known world wine event led by the President of the Jury Awards, Azélina Jaboulet-Vercherre and by the Scientific Secretary Richard Pfister appointed in 2019.

The Director General of the OIV, Pau Roca, confirmed the role of the OIV Awards which were created in December 1930: to encourage the spread of up-to-date knowledge on vine and wine to the scientific and technical world, as well as to a wider public, and to reward the passion and commitment of authors and publishing houses working in the vitivinicultural sector. He also highlighted the constant adaptation of this competition to publications and the evolution of communication media.

The President of the OIV Regina Vanderlinde thanked the countries, more than fifty in total, producers and non-producers represented at the OIV Awards for the past 90 years via the their authors’ work. She also invited countries that have not yet participated to enter into the history of the OIV Awards...


La remise des prix en replay dipsonible ici