Vinumrarum - 4th Wine Fair of Independent Winegrowers and Winemakers

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On Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd December 2017 around 70 winegrowers and winemakers from all over Switzerland show their latest creations in the Bernexpo Congress Centre in Bern. The 4th edition of again combines tasting and direct sales. This wine fair targets above all lovers of wine and offers a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of Swiss wine production. Winemakers from all winegrowing regions of Switzerland will be present and reply personally to any question raised concerning local wine production - from the vineyards to the bottled end product.

A novelty for this year is the possibility to travel by luxurious busses from the various regions of Switzerland to the wine fair and – on Saturday – to the Christmas market in Bern. Details and reservations:

Wine lovers can prepare themselves for such extraordinary tastings by visiting the internet site where the specific types of grapes and/or wines - white, rosé or red - are enumerated: the offer is vast !

The Swiss independent winegrowers are looking forward to receiving a great number of visitors in the plenary auditorium of the Bernexpo Congress Centre and to discussing many interesting topics. Thanks to direct sales new discoveries, favourite or other wonderful wines can be bought on the spot and taken home immediately. 

Jacques Humbert, président ASVEI 


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VINUMRARUM – 4th Wine Fair of Independent Winegrowers and Winemakers

Date: Friday December 1st 2017, from 3 to 9 p.m. Saturday December 2nd 2017, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Location: Plenary auditorium, Bernexpo Congress Centre, Bern 

Who: Around 70 independent Swiss winegrowers present 600 wines 

Entry: CHF 15.00 per person and day, including tasting glass Online ordering 33 % reduction, i.e. CHF 5.00 per ticket  

Transport: by luxury busses to Bern: Day-outings to the wine fair and – on Saturday – also to the Bernese Christmas market. Details:

Private cars: Paid parking space available at Bernexpo Tram: No. 9 from Bern main station 



Tel : 079 625 26 64 (Jacques Humbert, President); Tel : 021 947 44 41 (Secretary)

Email : [email protected]


Let yourself be inspired – and convinced - by the diversity of Swiss wines.  






CH    NPA/PLZ    Lieu / Ort Domaine / Weingut Web
AG 5064 Wittnau Buchmann Weine
AG 5306 Tegerfelden Baumgartner Weinbau
BE 2513 Twann Weingut Brunnmühle
BE 2513 Twann Weinbau Schott
FR 3210 Kerzers Milchkanne
GE 1237 Avully Domaine de la Printanière
GE 1242 Satigny Domaine des Charmes
GE 1242 Satigny Domaine de la Devinière
GE 1283 Dardagny Domaine Les Hutins
GE 1283 Dardagny Domaine Les Faunes
GE 1297 Founex Vins du Crieur Public et de la Sorcière
GR 7304 Maienfeld Weingut Heidelberg
GR 7306 Fläsch Markus Adank Weinbau
GR 7306 Fläsch Weingut Hermann
GR 7306 Fläsch Marugg Weinbau
NE 2012 Auvernier Domaine de La Maison Carrée
NE 2022 Bevaix Domaine des Balises
NE 2088 Cressier Domaine Hôpital Pourtalès
SH 8218 Osterfingen Weingut Stoll
SH 8260 Stein am Rhein Weingut Florin
TI 6514 Sementina Cantina Pizzorin
TI 6514 Sementina Azienda Mondò
TI 6594 Contone-Gambarogno Cantina Il Cavaliere SA
TI 6745 Giornico Vini Bettoni
TI 6807 Taverne Vitivinicola Monzeglio
TI 6850 Mendrisio Widmer Claudio
TI 6850 Mendrisio Cantina Rubio
TI 6855 Stabio Tenuta vitivinicola Ferrari R. e A.
TI 6873 Corteglia Azienda vitivinicola
TI 6900 Lugano Moncucchetto
TI 6912 Lugano-Pazallo Cantina Pelossi
TI 6924 Sorengo Tenuta Arca Rubra
TI 6943 Vezia Bänninger Rodolfo
TI 6989 Purasca Vini E. e F. Klausener
TI 6990 Cassina d'Agno Tenuta San Giorgio
TI 6999 Astano Weingartner Weine
VD 1026 Echandens Domaine des Abesses  
VD 1071 Rivaz Les Vins du Coteau
VD 1096 Treytorrens/Cully Domaine Antoine Bovard
VD 1096 Cully JF & J Potterat
VD 1097 Riex Domaine Marc & Jean Duboux
VD 1098 Epesses Louis Fonjallaz
VD 1110 Morges Domaine de la Ville
VD 1134 Vufflens-le-Château Domaine de la Balle
VD 1166 Perroy Le Feuillerage
VD 1170 Aubonne Rossier Philippe  
VD 1175 Lavigny Rossier-Vins
VD 1180 Tartegnin Domaine des Chantailles
VD 1180 Tartegnin La Montardière
VD 1184 Vinzel Cave des Rossillonnes
VD 1184 Luins Domaine La Diligence
VD 1185 Mont-sur-Rolle Domaine de Maison Blanche
VD 1185 Mont-sur-Rolle Cave de la Muscadelle
VD 1266 Duillier Château de Duillier
VD 1299 Crans-près-de-Celigny Château de Crans
VD 1321 Arnex-sur-Orbe Domaine de l'Orme
VD 1853 Yvorne Charly Blanc& Fils
VD 1867 Saint-Triphon Vins Cochard - Gaillard
VS 1965 Savièse Cave Bolero
VS 1965 Savièse Cave de l'Angélus
VS 3960 Sierre Cave Colline de Daval
VS 3970 Salgesch Cave Constantin Stoffel
VS 3970 Salgesch Cave St-Philippe
VS 3970 Salgesch Cave de Goubing
VS 3970 Salgesch Weinschmiede
VS 3973 Venthône Cave de la Pierre
ZH 8193 Eglisau Weingut Pircher
ZH 8467 Truttikon Weingut Familie Zahner
ZH 8713 Uerikon Ruetihof