Ticino - Special Edition Merlot for the opening of the tunnel

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The new Gotthard base tunnel will be inaugurated this weekend and it has its official wines. They were born thanks to a partenrship between ​​Ticinowine and Coop.


The South Gate is also the gateway to the North

A new era begins in the world of transportation. The opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, which will be celebrated this weekend, is an unprecedented event in the relations between the north and the south. The Gotthard link has always been a bridge between the German-speaking and Italian-speaking regions. With this important communication infrastructure, Ticino will have never been so close to Zurich.  Tourism is expected to benefit from the link and the wine industry intends to take advantage of it.

Merlot, the king of Ticino vineyards

In 1960s the Matasci company created a new type of merlot, soft, fruity and elegant, aspiring to compete with the Dôle from Valais. King of the southern Alps Swiss vineyards, Merlot has adapted well to the climate that prevails there. The vine is a delicate plant. The many hours of sunshine are offset in Ticino by abundant rainfall; they require growers to remain vigilant to the risks of diseases, especially powdery mildew and peronospora. The large number of wine-growers reflects the trust that the Ticino have with their land; they are more than 3200 to exploit a plot.

Special Edition and a collective creation

The idea to celebrate the opening of the Gotthard with two wines (a red and a white) came from Ticinowine, which found an enthusiastic partner in Coop.
It is a collective creation gathering the characteristics of the Ticino terroir. Ten wineries have joined this symbolic project.

The label designed for this special merlot Gothard has several meanings. It encompasses the territorial dimension, the meeting of different producers, the Ticino pride for the rail tunnel and the quality of its implementation.