Swiss Winery of the Year 2017

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Damien Fleury
Les Frères Dutruy has been awarded this week Swiss Winery of the Year at the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse 2017.

The estate is located in Founex (La Côte) Vaud along the shores of Lake Geneva. Renowned for their fresh and modern wine styles, and among others for bringing back its nobility to the Gamay grape, Les Frères Dutruy have become the reference between Nyon and Geneva.

"One of Switzerland's Best Red, One of the World's Best Gamay" says Vinum Magazine about Gamay Grande Réserve « Les Romaines »

Les Frères Dutruy are representative of the young generation of Swiss winemakers who broaden their horizons by studying and working abroad – Germany, Nappa Valley and South Africa for Christian, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace and New Zealand for Julien – before taking over the century old family estate in 2006 as the 4th generation owners.

This trend of openess to the world among Swiss wineries was highlighted by The Wine Advocate's representative, Stephan Rheinhardt, in his recent Swiss Red Wines Report 2017: "There is a great dynamic in the Swiss wine scene, and it is even higher where the old and the young generations work together. With the international experiences of the younger generation, the wine style is slowly changing in Switzerland. Although most of the wines are still smooth and charming crowd-pleasers, with discreet acidity and tannin levels but baskets full of ripe fruits, more and more authentic and terroir-driven wines are emerging."

State of the art modern winery

The Dutruy borthers inaugurated in 2015 a brand new site equipped with the most advanced technologies making it the most modern winery in Switzerland. Christian and Julien designed the building with efficiency, precision and perfection in mind.


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