Swiss Wine Promotion becomes an official Partner of Swiss Tourism

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Switzerland Tourism (ST) and Swiss Wine Promotion Ltd (SWP) have entered into a partnership aiming at enhancing the value of Swiss wine tourism and wine products. This partnership will allow both organizations to benefit from numerous synergies to optimize the reputation of Swiss wines and Switzerland as a wine tourism destination.

In an increasingly globalized, digitized and virtual world, tourists have more and more the desire to live authentic experiences. The production of local specialties from agriculture thus becomes a field for tourists to explore, allowing them to better understand a territory, to immerse themselves in its history and its local traditions. Winegrowing in Switzerland, with six major production regions, offers a variety of grape varieties and exceptional landscapes. The synergies between tourism and the wine world are promising, and this partnership between ST and SWP is an essential step in maximizing the benefits of these synergies at the national and international levels.

Maximize opportunities to promote Swiss wine terroirs

"This partnership with SWP is key to our strategy of promoting the discovery of Swiss terroirs," said Martin Nydegger, director of ST. "Thanks to this collaboration, SWP will be able to access the many information channels and S&T networks in the field of travel for the promotion of Swiss products and vineyards. ST, for its part, will be able to take advantage of SWP's expertise in wines and gastronomy," added Pierre-Alain Morard, President of SWP. Martin Nydegger and Pierre-Alain Morard were gathered yesterday at Domaine du Château de Rochefort in Allaman to plant a vine, symbol of the partnership that both organizations wish to grow.

The three-year partnership has three main objectives: to encourage the Swiss population to discover and appreciate Swiss wines, to raise awareness of Swiss wines and their terroirs abroad and to collaborate closely on the development of new wine and wine tourism offers. The integration of SWP's knowledge will be crucial for ST's implementation of gastronomic tourism campaigns, particularly in the context of the promotion of the fall season, which the organization intends to carry out and intensify this year. The activities resulting from the collaboration of the two partners will focus mainly on the Swiss market, and abroad, in Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and North America.

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