The 4th edition of “The Face of Swiss Wine”

  • Wednesday 28 February 2018
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Every year since 2015 VINEA publishes a brochure showcasing around 50 wine  producers chosen from amongst the 500 Swiss growers featured on the VINEA Swiss Wine app.  The 4th edition of the brochure presents 48 new faces from the Swiss wine scene; like the VINEA Swiss Wine app, it is a free promotional tool made available to Swiss wine enthusiasts thanks to the support of OPAG and Swiss Wine Promotion.

Switzerland is a small wine-producing country but what it lacks in surface area, it more than makes up for in terms of quality, with outstanding wines that stand head and shoulders alongside those of the international scene. The diversity of Swiss wines results from the country's mosaic of soils and grapes: over 250 varieties are farmed and of these, around 60 are grown on a significant scale, representing a real viticultural heritage. For the 2018 edition, VINEA has chosen to group its grower-portraits into five grape varieties or families representative of Switzerland.  

Get to know the growers

The Face of Swiss Wine features 48 men and women from Switzerland's six wine regions, namely Valais, Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel-3 Lacs, German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. This year,the producers are grouped under five grape variety headings: Chasselas (a grape that truly reflects its terroir), Pinot Noir (Switzerland's most widely-planted grape), Merlot (a grape that thrives here), Gamay and Gamaret (two grapes that have certain similarities and great potential), and of course, autochtonous varieties like Completer and Arvine. Although it is mainly Italian growers who fly the Merlot flag and Chasselas which is prevalent in the Vaud, all the artisan-producers featured in the brochure make wines from other grapes which readers are encouraged to discover in the wineries’ tasting rooms.

Free and in three languages

The brochure is published in one trilingual (French, German, English) version, in a new, user-friendly format. The 2018 Face of Swiss Wine takes a new approach to the diversity of Swiss wines by showcasing those who create them. The text was written by Emeline Zufferey and Eva Zwahlen, with photographs by Olivier Maire.

The publication of this brochure was supported by OFAG and Swiss Wine Promotion. It is available free of charge and can be ordered from VINEA. 


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