The 3rd edition of “The Faces of Swiss Wine"

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Swiss wine in 60 portraits

Since 2015, VINEA has published a brochure each year featuring 60 producers chosen from amongst the 500 Swiss companies included in the VINEA Swiss Wine app. VINEA's third brochure presents a fascinating mosaic of Swiss wine craftspeople. The VINEA brochure and app are two promotional tools which are available completely free of charge, showcasing the men and women who are proudly carrying forward Swiss viticulture.

With its incredible diversity of ancient indigenous grapes as well as highly-promising new varieties, the Swiss wine landscape is truly rich and varied. From small-scale craftspeople to cooperatives and major players, Switzerland's wine producers are as different as their vineyards. However, they all produce award-winning wines, at both national and international level. Such recognition is heart- warming and we are proud of our star growers: their terroir-driven wines are an illustration of their savoir-faire, delighting local wine lovers and visitors alike. Now the fascinating mosaic of Swiss wine artisans can be discovered thanks to the third edition of The Face of Swiss Wine.

Engaging personalities to be discovered

The Face of Swiss Wine features 60 men and women, 10 from each Swiss wine region: Valais, Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel-3 Lacs, German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. This year, for the third time, VINEA has made a selection from amongst the 500 companies featured in its app, choosing 60 wineries grouped into five families: large wineries, innovators, guardians of tradition, talented all- rounders, and discreet and distinguished. Behind each bottle of Swiss wine there is a producer waiting to be discovered.

Free, published in three languages

Published in one, three-language (French, German and English) edition, the brochure takes an original look at the Swiss wine scene. Large, high quality photographs do these new faces proud, with the brochure outlining each domaine's history, philosophy, star grapes, awards won and so on.

“VINEA works year-round to promote Swiss wines by communicating on a variety of platforms. With The Face of Swiss Wine, we aim to put the producers front and centre in our communications. Presenting them in families is an original way of identifying them, be they well-known growers or up- and-coming names,” commented François Murisier, president of VINEA. 

The text for the 2017 brochure was written by Emeline Zufferey and Eva Zwahlen, with photo portraits of the 60 producers taken by Olivier Maire.


The project was supported by OFAG (Office Fédéral de l'Agriculture) and Swisswine Promotion.

This publication can be ordered free of charge from the VINEA offices.



The VINEA Swiss Wine app

The Swiss Wine Guide has been available for five years now via the VINEA Swiss Wine app, which can be downloaded onto smartphones free of charge. This app features 500 producers chosen on the basis of their notoriety, and results and medals won in leading wine competitions.

VINEA is a multidisciplinary association specialised in the organisation of wine competitions, including the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, the Mondial des Pinots and the Mondial du Merlot et Assemblages. It also organises events and initiatives designed to promote Swiss wines, such as the VINEA Swiss Wine Fair and the Semaine du Vin Suisse (Swiss Wine Week), and the Swiss Wine app. For further information, see


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