Swiss Wine - Export

Swiss Wine Export - Who are we ?

Swiss Wine Export is an activity of Swiss Wine Promotion aimed at informing producers about how to export and on the other hand to support the presence and the promotion of Swiss wines outside Switzerland.

Producers will find here the calendar of important international competitions as well as informations on the activities abroad that are supported by Swiss Wine Promotion.

As Switzerland is little known abroad as a wine country, thus Swiss Wine Promotion is committed to strengthen the image of its wines across the world and facilitate their export.

In recent years, the quality of Swiss wines has significantly increased which has enabled producers to stand out and win prestigious international awards. Swiss wines are now making their way to wine lovers around the world.

Reflecting the image of Switzerland, the quality of Swiss wines is equivalent to the Swiss know-how recognized around the world.

As Swiss wines are rare, Swiss Wine Promotion is doing all it can to ensure that a maximum of Epicureans can discover, get and share it.