SWP - Des suisses aux Meilleurs Chardonnay du Monde

La 23e confrontation qualitative des meilleurs Chardonnay du Monde s’est déroulée du 8 au 11 mars 2016 dans le cadre du Château des Ravatys, Domaine Viticole de l’Institut Pasteur à Saint Lager, ville internationale de la vigne et du vin, au cœur de l’appellation Brouilly au pied du Mont Brouilly en Bourgogne viticole. De nombreuses caves suisses y ont participés et glânés des médailles.


SWP - A great Swiss Wine ambassador has left us

The death of Benoît Violier leaves the Swiss wines orphans. This great leader –of French origin- loved Switzerland to the point of becoming Swiss, just one year ago. "We are Swiss! When we travel around Europe (my wife and I), we are (called) the Swiss," he confided to Darius Rochebin during a very emotional recent TV interview, joking about the French media who rarely mentioned his dual nationality...


SWP - Robert Parker rates Chasselas wines for the first time

Robert Parker's magazine rated wines from the indigenous Swiss grape Chasselas (or Fendant) produced mainly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Stephan Reinhardt, the appointed critic of this important magazine in the world of wine, tasted a hundred of our Chasselas - 20 got 87 points and more. The most rated estate of this tasting is the Domaine Louis Bovard in Cully.