Swiss Sommelier Challenge 2019

Organizer /
Claire Mallet

In order to promote Swiss wines and the sommelier role, the Swiss sommeliers association launches the second edition of the "Swiss Sommeliers Challenge" aimed at helping viewers discover our best terroirs through video clips produced by sommeliers from around the world.

Initiated in 2018 by Loik Tavernier (sommelier at the 2* Michelin Châteauvieux restaurant), the "Swiss Sommeliers Challenge" aims at introducing the Swiss wine landscape to the world. 

Last year 40 candidates described their favourite wine in a video clip, among them Paolo Basso - best sommelier of the world 2013 - and many foreign sommeliers. This unprecedented production has been very successful with Internet viewers.

To organize the 2019 edition, the association has partnered with Claire Mallet - The Wine Trotter, to develop this unique and fun showcase for Swiss wines.

For more information please check the website Swiss Sommelier Challenge 2019

Or contact: Claire Mallet +41 78 608 35 34, [email protected]



Swiss Sommelier Challenge 2019 rules

The aim of the Swiss Sommeliers Challenge is to promote and highlight the terroir and the Swiss wines. Your video is important to us and will be seen by a large number of users.

We hope you will enjoy making your video.

The video

You must present a Swiss appellation or region and illustrate it through a tasting of a wine from the appellation or region.

  • The video is limited to one (1) minute maximum.
  • Use an easy to transfer HD video format and pay attention to the sound.
  • Do not forget to introduce yourself.
  • You must send your video no later than June 30 to [email protected]
  • All videos will be posted at the same time on July 15 on the sommelier’s You Tube channel, they will also be relayed on the website and on the Facebook page of the ASSP association.

Then it will be up to the participants to relay their videos to friends on the internet and get the maximum “unpaid” views and "likes" on social networks.

Who can participate?

Sommeliers, wine merchants, resellers, wholesalers, bloggers, bartenders.

This year we will not accept winemakers and winery employees, amateurs (even big fans), students and or anyone unrelated to the sommelier and wine retail world.

Good practices

You can be "accompanied" by a winemaker.

Do not forget to introduce yourself.

You can put forward the establishment or company you work for but in a succinct and discreet way.

Avoid derogatory comments or comparisons with other wine / winemaker / region / appellation.

Subtitles in your video in French, German Italian will of course be welcome.


May the best participant win !





Win a complete Weekend for 2 in a Swiss wine region offered by Swiss Wine Promotion.

Win a complete Weekend in Valais for 2 and discover the richness of the terroir and the range of the Sion wine cellars.

Win a 100 CHF purchase voucher at Domaine du Paradis in Satigny, Geneva.

Win (even abroad!) a box of 6 wines from the famous CAYAS Syrah produced by Domaine Jean-René Germanier in Vetroz, Valais.

Win a selection of 6 wines by Alexandre Deletraz in Fully, Valais.

Win 5 prestige boxes of 4 bottles of the Domaine de la Capitaine awarded best organic wine of Switzerland, in Gland, Vaud.

Win a 200 CHF voucher for wines to be collected at the Vinothèque le garage in Fournex, Vaud. Le Garage

Win a meal for 2 with Chef Serge Labrosse at la Chaumière (Michelin-starred) during his famous oenological meals every last Wednesday of the month.