London public tasting of fine Swiss wines at Hedonism

Monday, 26th February 2018, 6.30 - 8.30pm
Hosted by Hedonism Wines

Our annual tasting of fine Swiss wine has been growing in popularity year by year as more & more people discover the fantastic wines of this oft-overlooked European country. This year's event sees four producers present their wines including Jean-René Germanier & Domaine des Muses from the Valais, Gialdi & Brivio from the Italian speaking canton of Ticino & Luc Massy from Vaud.

Guests will be able to taste nine wines from these producers including Jean-René Germannier Cayas Syrah 2011, Amigne de Vetroz 2014, Reserve Mitis 2013, Domaine des Muses Tradition Heida 2015 & Terpsichore 2013, Gialdi & Brivio Sassi Grossi Merlot 2015, Bianco Rovere Merlot 2016 & Luc Massy Chemin de Fer 2016 & Chemin Terre 2014.

This is a fantastic opportunity to taste some wonderful bottlings you may not be familiar with & also meet many of the winemakers who crafted these exceptional wines.

Tickets for this event are £20, fully redeemable against any purchase of Swiss wine on the evening of the tasting.

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