Five Things You Need to Know about Swiss Wine

Rare wines from revitalized, historic grapes are putting Switzerland on the wine lover’s map

Swiss wines are nearly impossible to find outside of the country, as they make up less than 1% of global production. Only 1.5% is exported, because the natives — who rank in the top ten in per capita consumption — drink the rest, and still have to import more than double that amount from other countries.


Welcome to Ticino!

Due to its location south of the Alps, Ticino represents a world in its own right. A microcosm, with its own language and personality, strongly characterized by alpine and Mediterranean influences, a nostalgic place for many visitors from the north. It is here that idyllic postcard landscapes and so-called "sunny lounges" blend with what is a peripheral and economically disadvantaged region. A region from which, just a century ago, many were still forced to emigrate and where grapes and wine were always part of the daily grace.

Wine to age for three Lake Geneva

One thousand bottles of wine were submerged in a crate on Saturday, where it is hoped they will age nicely in the ideal conditions provided by the lake’s depths.

The wine, which is a white variety known as chasselas, was lowered into Lake Geneva at the foot of the famous Chillon Castle. For the next three years, the bottles will remain suspended from a rope to a depth of about 30 metres (98 feet).


The Best Vineyards In Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland’s vineyards, unlike those of neighboring France, are small, family affairs that produce some of Europe’s best wine. Grown on the slopes surrounding Lake Geneva, Swiss grapes make for light, easy-drinking wines that are rarely exported but probably should be. Take a tour of the best vineyards around Lake Geneva and find out about this under-appreciated wine region.

Arvine made it to the stage in Hong Kong among six under appreciated grape varieties

At a masterclass in Hong Kong this week, Jancis Robinson MW talked to a packed room about the still under-appreciated delights of the world’s indigenous grape varieties.

Highlighting six indigenous grape varieties – including Assyrtiko, Petite Arvine and Timorasso – the Master of Wine argued that there is currently a big swing away from international grape varieties towards indigenous grapes.


Swiss Open Wineries Calendar 2017

Swiss Wine Promotion is pleased to announce the next Swiss open wineries event to be held over four weekends in six different wine regions across the country between April 29 and June 4, 2017.


Participate to the contest


More than 200,000 visitors

What began in Geneva and the German speaking part of Switzerland as a regional event has become the national meeting for producers and their audience. More than half of Swiss producers participate and attract more than 200,000 people each year.


Swiss Wine Growers Battle Unseasonably Low Temperatures in Alpine Valley

SAXON, Switzerland – Flaming anti-frost candles flickered between rows of budding vines in Swiss Alpine valleys on Thursday as wine growers strove to thwart harsh frosts brought on by unseasonably low temperatures.

The mercury dropped below freezing overnight in the Canton of Valais, a mountainous region of Switzerland nestled between the borders of Italy and France.