Rare vintage

Traditionally overlooked among Europe’s producers, Switzerland’s small-scale, sustainably focused wine industry is now ripe for international growth. 

“In Switzerland it is in our genes to do things well,” says musician turned winemaker Gilles Besse. “But everything is about scale,” he adds, explaining that there are only 15,000 hectares under vine in Switzerland, making it a mere dot on the world’s wine map; petite compared with neighbouring France (785,000 hectares), Italy (750,000) and Germany (102,000).


Swiss Red Wines Report 2017 by Stephan Rheinhardt, The Wine Advocate

Swiss people seem to be proud, saying: “Swiss wines are the best kept secret of Switzerland.” In fact, it’s not the Swiss mentality to shout out loud how great Swiss wines can be and that they should be appreciated everywhere on planet wine. I am sure they would be adored if only one knew them. However, Swiss wine producers don’t export (except for just a handful) for a few reasons. 

Where’s all the Swiss Wine?

Swiss wine is one of Switzerland’s best-kept secrets. There is a reason why you rarely see Swiss wines on restaurant lists or in neighborhood wine shops in North America. Nope, there is nothing wrong with our wine. It is just that it is only produced in small, artisanal batches – so we drink it mostly ourselves. But we are happy to share it with our guests. Come, hike and drink Swiss wine with us. Below a few tips for marvelous wine ways.



Wines and caviar from Valais at the prestigious 67 Pall Mall wine club in London

London September 18, 2017. The prestigious club 67 Pall Mall hosted Dr Jose Vouillamoz for a conference on grape varieties DNA. He presented his work, his country, and its unique grape varieties to the club members and journalists. To conclude the evening he proposed to his audience a unique pairing between a wines produced out of alpine grapes: Arvine and Humagne Blanche, with the renown Kasperskian "with life" caviar produced in Leukerbad (Switzerland).

Swiss wine — a well-kept secret

When one attends wine tasting fairs in Switzerland he/she cannot be prepared for the vast array of wine that is available from any one of Switzerland’s wine regions.

Take for example the several Vinea Wine Fairs and wine tastings that were held last week. Vinea is on association active in promoting Swiss wines. In the town of Sierre and also its Chateau Mercier, well crafted and superb wines of the Canton (wine district) of Valais were featured.


This Is The Secret Attraction Of Swiss Wine

The secret attraction of Swiss wine is, well, Switzerland.

To enjoy a full range of Swiss wines, you need to visit the country. This is because less than two percent of Swiss wine is exported, while the rest is purchased internally. Reasons for low exportation include limited production as well as high costs associated with labor fees and the challenge of harvesting small plots on steep mountainsides. Additionally, the strong Swiss currency raises real prices in foreign markets.