2017 was a year of discovery and learning

A column by Chuck Byers mentions Swiss Wines as they are not very common in Canada. "It is a shame", he writes. "The wines I tasted in Switzerland had the distinction of being world-class. The white Chasselas (a.k.a. Fendant) and Pinot Noir are considered the dominant Swiss grapes, while Merlot rules the roost in the Swiss region of Ticino. There are literally well over a hundred of Indigenous varieties in this landlocked country".


What does Chasselas taste like?

What does Chasselas taste like? It’s a harder question than it may at first appear. Chasselas is Switzerland’s most important white wine variety and makes up over a quarter of the country’s vineyards.

However, this grape variety is notorious for having a lack of character and therefore being hard to describe. On my visit to Switzerland recently I asked several winemakers to describe the character of Chasselas wine; here’s what they said:  


Vinumrarum - 4th Wine Fair of Independent Winegrowers and Winemakers

On Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd December 2017 around 70 winegrowers and winemakers from all over Switzerland show their latest creations in the Bernexpo Congress Centre in Bern. The 4th edition of again combines tasting and direct sales. This wine fair targets above all lovers of wine and offers a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of Swiss wine production.


Swiss Winery of the Year 2017

Les Frères Dutruy has been awarded this week Swiss Winery of the Year at the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse 2017.

The estate is located in Founex (La Côte) Vaud along the shores of Lake Geneva. Renowned for their fresh and modern wine styles, and among others for bringing back its nobility to the Gamay grape, Les Frères Dutruy have become the reference between Nyon and Geneva.

"One of Switzerland's Best Red, One of the World's Best Gamay" says Vinum Magazine about Gamay Grande Réserve « Les Romaines »