Classic Swiss wines

Swiss wines are oenological treasures. Although our national production is limited, it relies on great expertise in terms of viticulture and viniculture. The result? A whole series of fantastic vintages that are unique in their genre.


Switzerland the land of vines and wines

I Iove the look I get when I  mention to people here in Australia that we import Swiss wines....” do the Swiss actually makes wines” they say, well yes they do & normally my stock standard answer is that there 4 good reasons why- they are called Italy, Germany, Austria & France, so why should the Swiss miss out because they are surrounded by these great wine growing countries?


Women and wine

If wine was once a domain jealously guarded by men, this is no longer true today. In fact, more and more women work in winegrowing, or simply enjoy the juice of the trellis. And it is worth pointing out that they have a different relationship to wine from men.