Surprising Ticino Merlot

It sometimes surprises visitors that Switzerland produces wine at all. Swiss wine is produced in luxuriously small quantities, and just 2% of the wine is exported–most is consumed in-country by the Swiss and lucky holiday-makers. For visitors to the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, another surprise awaits: complex, versatile wines–including a white Merlot– perfectly suited to the hearty Italian-influenced foods of this mountainous region.


Dare to be different. Try Swiss Wines

The best wine lists have a few things in common. They’re put together by sommeliers with real passion; they feature quality wines from great producers in top regions; they have rare vintages or special bottles that customers won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for that point of difference to make your wine list unique, look no further than Switzerland.


Zwischen Bergen und Seen – Schweizer Wein

Lange Jahre war für uns Kinder der jährliche Familienurlaub in der Schweiz eine mäßig spannende Veranstaltung. In einer Zeit, in der Tennis noch boomte, standen wir morgens auf dem Court, am Nachmittag wanderte die Familie und ein, aus Kinder- und Teenagersicht, steifes Dîner war die Abendunterhaltung. Bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, an dem ich begann mit Hilfe der Weinkarte die Schweiz zu erkunden…


Wine industry savours Robert Parker acclaim

Swiss wines have generated polite interest abroad over the years, but high costs and poor marketing have kept them off the international market. This might be about to change due to a glowing review in the influential Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

This is not the first time that Swiss wine has received the plaudits of internationally renowned critics. But as prominent expert Hugh Johnson pointed out 30 years ago, the evidence of its quality rarely gets beyond Swiss frontiers since most of it is consumed at origin.